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Fig. 2

From: In vitro and in vivo characterization of anti-malarial acylphenoxazine derivatives prepared from basic blue 3

Fig. 2

Flow cytometric analysis of anti-malarial activity of basic blue 3 and ITT derivatives in vitro. Representative M scattergrams where “(i)”, “(ii)”, and “(iii)” indicate samples in which parasite morphology was captured (as shown in Fig. 3), ND, not determined; red, ring-form; orange, trophozoite; purple, schizont; and blue, polychromatic red blood cell (RBC) markers were assigned based on default setting of the XN-30 analyzer. Horizontal and vertical axes indicate side fluorescent light (SFL, corresponding to DNA content) and forward scattered light (FSC, indicating size of infected RBCs), respectively [25, 35]. This assay was conducted using 3D7 strain

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