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Fig. 4

From: In vitro and in vivo characterization of anti-malarial acylphenoxazine derivatives prepared from basic blue 3

Fig. 4

Localization of basic blue 3 in vitro. a Representative data of self-fluorescence intensity of basic blue 3 and ITT-001 to 006. Red, basic blue 3; orange, ITT-001; dark yellow, ITT-002; light green, ITT-003; dark green, ITT-004; blue, ITT-005; purple, ITT-006; and black, DMSO, a.u., arbitrary unit. b Representative images of live parasite (3D7 strain) treated with 15 nM basic blue 3 (i) and DMSO (ii). Ring, ring-form; Troph., trophozoite; and Schiz., schizont. Red and blue indicate basic blue 3 and DNA, respectively. Scale bar, 5 µm

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