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Table 1 The definition of key variables on housing condition [8]

From: Targeting remaining pockets of malaria transmission in Kenya to hasten progress towards national elimination goals: an assessment of prevalence and risk factors in children from the Lake endemic region

Variable Definition
Roof material Traditional = (thatch/grass/makuti (interwoven palm tree leaves), and dung/mud/sod)
Modern = (iron sheets, asbestos, concrete, tiles)
Wall material Traditional = (cane/palms/trunks, dung/mud/sod, bamboo with mud, re-used wood)
Modern = (iron sheets, cement, stone with cement, bricks, blocks, covered adobe, and wood planks)
Floor material Traditional = (Earth/sand, dung, wood planks, palm/bamboo).
Modern = (Polished wood, Vinyl PVC, asphalt, ceramics, cement and carpet)