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Fig. 5

From: Theory of reactive interventions in the elimination and control of malaria

Fig. 5

Time to extinction in SIS models of RCD. Since the programme must screen at least one person for each index case, the function is shown only for \(\upnu > \iota\). The infectious period is assumed to be 200 days; transmission parameter is chosen to corresponding to the value of \(R_{0}\) shown on the x-axis; and the RCD parameters are described in the sub-figure titles and y-axis. The black lines indicate the parameter sets illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4. In model (c) the lack of monotonicity in time to extinction as a function of \(R_{0}\) arises because the function used for \(\tau \left( {\upnu,{\text{p}}} \right)\) does not strictly enforce a requirement that \(\psi\) increases with \(\upnu\)

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