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Table 1 Localization of sample collection sites and habitat description

From: Status of insecticide resistance and its biochemical and molecular mechanisms in Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae) from Afghanistan

Province District Village Habitat type Elevation (m) Altitude Longitude
Kunar Nurgal Nurgal River stream 658 34°36′45.70″N 70°46′31.76″E
Chawkay Babur Pond, river stream 711 34°41′26.04″N 67°30′42.61″E
Laghman Mihtarlam Tirgari River stream 735 34°38′41.03″N 70°12′36.20″E
Qarghayi River stream 644 34°32′53.46″N 70°14′29.18″E
Qarghayi Swati River stream 635 34°38′41.03″N 70°12′36.20″E
Nangarhar Behsood Bagrami Pond/river stream 571 34°26′49.08″N 70°24′24.94″E
Saracha River streams 540 34°23′13.70″N 70°32′23.52″E
Samar Khel Gujranu Bella Swamp, river 525 34°22′39.58″N 70°34′50.33″E