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Fig. 3

From: Proof of concept: used malaria rapid diagnostic tests applied for parallel sequencing for surveillance of molecular markers of anti-malarial resistance in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau during 2014–2017

Fig. 3

Molecular markers of anti-malarial resistance 2014–2017. a Frequency of pfcrt c. 72-76 haplotypes CVMNK and CVIET found each consecutive transmission season. b Frequency of pfmdr1 c.86 + 184 haplotypes NF, NY, YF and YY found each consecutive year. c Frequency of pfdhfr c. 51 + 59 + 108 haplotypes IRN, NCS and “other” (consisting of NCN, ICN and NRN) found each consecutive year. The single mutant NCN represented 6/8 “other” pfdhfr haplotypes during the 2014 transmission season, while the two double mutants ICN and NRN combined accounted for 15/16 and 49/50 of “other” pfdhfr haplotypes found during the 2015 and 2016 transmission seasons, respectively. d Frequency of pfdhps c. 436 + 437 + 540 + 581 + 613 haplotypes AAKAA, AGKAA, SAKAA and SGKAA found each consecutive year

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