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Table 1 Costs and % change in costs per Items from round 1 to 6 of MTaT

From: Community-based intermittent mass testing and treatment for malaria in an area of high transmission intensity, western Kenya: development of study site infrastructure and lessons learned

Cost items (in USD)R1 cost USDR2 cost USD% (R1–R2)aR3 cost USD% (R2–R3)R4 cost USD% (R3–R4)R5 cost USD% (R4–R5)R6 cost USD% (R5–R6)% (R1–R6)
Personnel61,93657,0537.9052,6677.7059,504− 13.0059,5040.0052,66711.5015.00
Transport23,62522,2755.7023,250− 4.40923160.3084448.50487542.3079.40
Trainings15,60018,000− 15.4011,70035.0011,7000.00300074.407694− 156.5050.70
Community mobilization219021900.0021900.0021900.0021900.0021900.000.00
Supplies (drugs, shipment, ITNS etc.)15,00010,00033.3010,0000.00500050.0050000.005,0000.0066.70
  1. aPositive percentage difference represents savings, negative represents increased costs