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Table 3 Patients’ travel destinations. Data were available for 32 patients with P. ovale curtisi and 32 patients with P. ovale wallikeri, (n) describes the numbers of patients with respective travel destinations

From: A comparison of two PCR protocols for the differentiation of Plasmodium ovale species and implications for clinical management in travellers returning to Germany: a 10-year cross-sectional study

Travel destination Patient with P. ovale curtisi (n) Patient with P. ovale wallikeri (n)
Benin 1
Burkina Faso 1
Cameroon 3 7
Equatorial Guinea 1
Gabon 1
Ghana 5 6
Guinea 2
Ivory coast 1 3
Kenya 1 1
Liberia 2
Malawi 1 1
Nigeria 5 2
Papua New Guinea 1
Zambia 1
Sierra Leone 1 1
Somalia 1
Sudan 1
Tanzania 1 2
Togo 1
Uganda 3 2
Various destinations 4a 1b
  1. aVarious destinations comprised Benin and the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Nigeria and Gabon; Eritrea, Sudan and Libya; as well as Benin, Togo, Ethiopia, the Philippines and Iran
  2. bVarious destinations comprised Mali and the Ivory Coast