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Fig. 3 | Malaria Journal

Fig. 3

From: Serologic responses to the PfEMP1 DBL-CIDR head structure may be a better indicator of malaria exposure than those to the DBL-α tag

Fig. 3

Serorecognition and seroreactivity patterns of Malian children (top) and adults (bottom) for 36 protein fragments of nine 3D7 PfEMP1 antigens. Each DBL-α tag of a PfEMP1 antigen is the first fragment shown. Group serorecognized fragments are indicated in red, while blue stripes indicate increased seroreactivity of a fragment over a malaria season from pre-season to peak season for children and from pre-season to post-season for adults. PfEMP1, Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein-1; DBL, Duffy binding-like; CIDR, cysteine-rich interdomain region; ATS, acidic terminal segment

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