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TableĀ 1 Antigens used in this study, describing the species reactivity and the corresponding cutoff values for MBA evaluation of DBS

From: Sero-identification of the aetiologies of human malaria exposure (Plasmodium spp.) in the Limu Kossa District of Jimma Zone, South western Ethiopia

S. no. Antigen name Target species Signal cut off values (MFI-bg)
1 MSP 1-19kD P. vivax 325
2 AMA 1 P. falciparum 558
3 MSP 1-19kD P. falciparum 183
4 CSP P. falciparum 449
5 LSA1 P. falciparum 124
6 MSP 1-19kD P. malariae 450
7 MSP 1-19kD P. ovale spp. 263