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Table 1 Parasite lines selected for inclusion in the competition assay

From: Pairwise growth competitions identify relative fitness relationships among artemisinin resistant Plasmodium falciparum field isolates

Parasite kelch13 genotype Artemisinin clearance rate Parasite clearance half-life (t1/2P) [31] Isolate collection date [32, 33] Location [32,33,34]
NF54 Wild-type Fast
NHP4302 Wild-type Fast 1.98 17-Sept-08 Wang Pha
NHP3032 K438N Fast 2.17 14-Jul-08 Maela
NHP4026 Wild-type Slow 8.37 07-Dec-07 Wang Pha
NHP4373 Wild-type Slow 7.10 15-Dec-08 Wang Pha
NHP4333 G538V Slow 7.77 29-Oct-08 Wang Pha
NHP1337 C580Y Slow 7.84 19-Apr-11 Mawker Thai
NHP4076 E252Q Slow 5.03 6-Feb-08 Wang Pha
  1. Eight parasites were included in the competitive growth assays. Each line is designated as kelch13 wild-type or mutant sequence, either as a fast clearer (artemisinin-sensitive) or slow clearer (artemisinin-resistant) in patients. In addition, parasite clearance half-life [31], and the date and location for each line is shown [32,33,34]