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Fig. 2

From: Strengthening surveillance systems for malaria elimination: a global landscaping of system performance, 2015–2017

Fig. 2

Distribution of values from country assessments for seeking care, receiving diagnosis, facility inclusion, and reporting rates, along with the country-specific total coverage resulting from their product in a the GMS (n = 4 countries), b Mesoamerica and Hispaniola (n = 6 countries), c Southern Africa (n = 6 countries), and d Globally (n = 16 countries). The box and whisker plots include the median values, minimum and maximum ranges, as well as upper and lower quartiles in the box. In the x axis, percentage values of those seeking care are of incident symptomatic malaria infections, the percentage receiving correct diagnosis is the fraction of those seeking care, the percentage of cases from facilities included in the surveillance system is the fraction of those receiving the correct diagnosis, and the percentage of cases reported is the fraction of the cases from facilities included in the surveillance system. The total proportion represents the multiplication of the percentages at each step of the cascade

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