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Table 3 Experimental huts results: %mortality and killing effect of An. funestus

From: Bio-efficacy and wash resistance of MAGNet long-lasting insecticidal net against wild populations of Anopheles funestus in experimental huts in Muheza, Tanzania

  Untreated Net MagNet LN DuraNet LN MagNet LN DuraNet LN Interceptor
Number of washes 0 Unwashed Unwashed 20 20 Unwashed
Total females caught 182 202 288 180 190 171
Total females died 12 12 12 11 21 14
% mortality corrected for control (95% CI) a 0a 0a 0a 4.8a (0.0–9.5) 1.7a (0.0–5.7)
% overall killing effect a 0a 0a 0a 4.9a (0.0–9.2) 1a
  1. Percentage mortality and 95% CIs are back-transformed from values calculated by the blocked logistic regression model
  2. Within a row, treatments not sharing a superscript letter differ significantly by blocked logistic regression (p < 0.05)