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Table 1 Word groups used to screen relevant documents in the different electronic databases used

From: A systematic review on anti-malarial drug discovery and antiplasmodial potential of green synthesis mediated metal nanoparticles: overview, challenges and future perspectives

Nanoparticles-producing living organisms Diseases or parasites Word groups Inputs and outcomes
Nature and type of synthesis of nanoparticles
‘Planta’ OR ‘Bacteriaa’ OR ‘Mushroom’ OR ‘Fungia’ OR ‘Worms’ OR ‘Helminthsa’ OR ‘Microorganism’ OR ‘Microbiala ‘Malariaa’ OR ‘Plasmodiuma’ OR ‘Plasmodium falciparuma’ OR ‘Plasmodium bergheia ‘Green synthesisa’ OR ‘Biological synthesisa’ OR ‘Biosynthesis’ OR ‘Plant-mediated’ OR ‘Metal-based’ OR ‘Nanoparticlesa’ OR ‘Metal nanoparticlesa’ OR ‘Biometallic nanoparticlesa’ OR ‘Gold nanoparticles’ OR ‘Silver nanoparticles’ OR ‘Copper nanoparticles’ OR ‘Platinum nanoparticles’ OR ‘Titanium’ OR ‘Palladium’ ‘In vitro activity’ OR ‘In vitro potential’ OR ‘In vivo activity’ OR ‘In vivo potential’ OR ‘antimalarial activity’ OR ‘Antimalariaa’ OR ‘Antiplasmodiala activity’ OR ‘Effectiveness’ OR ‘Assessment’ OR ‘Effect’ OR ‘Properties’
  1. aMedical Subject Headings (MeSH) terms used to make search in PubMed