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Table 1 Biochemical properties associated with peaks in the mid-infrared spectra obtained from dried blood spots in Fig. 3

From: Detection of malaria parasites in dried human blood spots using mid-infrared spectroscopy and logistic regression analysis

Wave number (cm−1) Vibrational mode Component identification
3600–3000 N–H stretching Amides (proteins, haemoglobin), urea
O–H stretching Alcohols carbohydrates, cellulose
3332 O–H stretching Alcohol cellulose
3293 N–H stretching Amide (proteins, hemoglobin)
3272 O–H stretching Cellulose
3000–2800 C–H stretching Lipids, amino acids, carbohydrates
2894 C–H stretching Cellulose, carbohydrates
1700–1600 C=O stretching Amides (proteins, haemoglobin), urea
1540 N–H bending coupled to C–N stretching Amides (proteins, haemoglobin)
1457 CH3 bending Amino acids, lipids
1400–1310 C–H stretching Lipids, amino acids, carbohydrates
1307 C–N stretching Amides (proteins, haemoglobin)
1165–1110 C–O–C stretching Ethers (cellulose, carbohydrates)
1070–950 C–O stretching Alcohols (cellulose, carbohydrates, amino-acids)
=C–H bending Haem group; haemoglobin
730 C–H bending Lipids, amino acids, carbohydrates