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Fig. 1

From: The Pfs230 N-terminal fragment, Pfs230D1+: expression and characterization of a potential malaria transmission-blocking vaccine candidate

Fig. 1

Expression of Pfs230D1+ in super Sf9 cells. a Reduced SDS-PAGE and b anti-His Western blot analysis of pellets (P) and supernatant (S) samples of Pfs230D1+ in super Sf9 cell (MOI of 1) at 48, 72, and 96 h post infection with uninfected control (U) at 72 h. Molecular weight marker (M) and an irrelevant His-tagged protein used as a positive control for Western blot (Ctrl) are indicated for lane labels. Supernatant (S) fractions show a predominant singular band (and later targeted for purification) while pellet (P) fractions demonstrate a doublet band, both cellular fractions are reactive to anti-His antibodies (b)

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