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Fig. 8

From: The Pfs230 N-terminal fragment, Pfs230D1+: expression and characterization of a potential malaria transmission-blocking vaccine candidate

Fig. 8

Pfs230D1+ protein induced functional antibodies in mice. a Antibody level in each serum was determined against corresponding immunogen by ELISA. Individual (dots) and geometric mean (bars) ELISA units are shown. In each immunogen groups, there was a significant difference among the 3-dose groups (p = 0.001 for Pfs230-C1, and p = 0.015 for Pfs230-D1+ groups by Kruskal–Wallis tests), and significant difference between two groups are shown with asterisks (Dunn’s multiple comparisons test): *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01. b Total IgG from each group was tested at 750 µg/mL with complement in SMFA. Oocyst count in individual mosquito (dots) and the arithmetic mean (bars) are shown with % transmission-reducing activity (%TRA) calculated against control group. All inhibitions were significant (p < 0.001 for all by the ZINB model)

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