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Table 1 Household cost per malaria case among individuals of all ages (2018 US$)

From: The economic burden of malaria on households and the health system in a high transmission district of Mozambique

 Uncomplicated malaria care-seeking costs (n = 679) including outpatient consultations (n = 514)Severe malaria care-seeking costs (n = 9)
Traditional healer (including transportation)––0.00
CHW costs0.––0.00
Travel costs to/from the health facility0.341.210.000.00––0.69
Direct costs at the health facility0.––3.57
Treatment costs after health facility visit0.––0.16
Subtotal: direct costs of care-seeking0.745.470.050.00–0.193.542.933.750.60–6.31
Value of time lost in the main economic activity16.6731.172.290.00–22.38154.30192.8976.9731.45–87.71
Total costs17.4131.693.460.07–22.41157.85194.4381.0839.34–88.38
  1. Data from cross-sectional studies
  2. The value of the direct costs of care-seeking is calculated as the summation of the costs related to the traditional healer, CHW, travel to/from the health facility and treatments after a health facility visit
  3. CHW community health worker, IQR interquartile-range, SD standard deviation