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Table 4 Health system costs per severe malaria case among patients of all ages (2018 US$)

From: The economic burden of malaria on households and the health system in a high transmission district of Mozambique

Cost categoryMeanSDMedianIQR
Medical examinations3.440.593.283.09–3.57
Health facility transfer4.2422.440.000.00–0.00
Malaria diagnostic tests8.513.947.855.40–12.17
Non-malaria related tests0.525.270.000.00–0.00
Malaria treatment5.009.412.421.56–6.32
Non-malaria related treatments4.503.813.601.15–7.17
Hospitalization costs due to malaria admissiona10.7525.843.802.28–12.15
Total costs36.9738.8726.5618.03–44.09
  1. N = 107
  2. IQR interquartile-range, SD standard deviation
  3. aHospitalization costs were computed as the overhead costs allocated to an admission day due to malaria multiplied by the number of hospitalization days