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Table 2 Proportion of households with at least one purchased net, by residence and wealth quintile

From: Who buys nets? Factors associated with ownership and use of purchased mosquito nets in sub-Saharan Africa

Country/data sourceOverallResidenceWealth quintile
Angola 2015–2016 DHS13.118.25.1*0.40.616.923.319.4*
Burkina Faso 2014 MIS5.811.43.4**
Burundi 2016–2017 DHS5.224.52.9**
Ghana 2016 MIS3.*
Liberia 2016 MIS8.212.62.6**
Madagascar 2016 MIS11.316.910.6**
Malawi 2017 MIS9.928.66.5**
Mali 2015 MIS23.426.222.623.320.022.827.823.4
Nigeria 2015 MIS6.27.45.5**
Rwanda 2014–2015 DHS1.03.10.4**
Senegal DHS 20158.
Sierra Leone 2016 MIS4.57.02.8**
Tanzania 2017 MIS21.040.211.2**
Togo MIS 20174.76.93.03**
Uganda 2016 DHS15.630.310.5**
Zimbabwe 2015 DHS12.927.85.3**
  1. DHS Demographic Health Survey, MIS Malaria Indicator Survey
  2. *Statistically significant difference by residence or wealth quintile P < 0.01