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Table 2 Key informant interviews

From: Assessing the role of the private sector in surveillance for malaria elimination in Haiti and the Dominican Republic: a qualitative study

Study siteRoleOrganization
 Artibonite DepartmentDepartmental CoordinatorNational Malaria Control Program
CoordinatorDessalines Unit Health Department
DirectorBayonnais/Gonaives Health Center
Medical DirectorNew Testament Health Center
 Grande’Anse DepartmentMalaria Program CoordinatorNational Malaria Control Program
StaffUniversal Access Project
Laboratory TechnicianClinique La Paix
Laboratory ManagerSaint Antoine Hospital
 Nord/Nord-Est DepartmentsDirectorClinique Bethesda de Vaudreuil
DirectorClinique ProFamille
Community Malaria CoordinatorCentre Medico-Social de Ouanaminthe
Departmental Malaria CoordinatorHealth Department, Northeast
 Port-au-PrinceHead of Malaria ProgramNational Public Health Laboratory
Head of Satellite Clinic ProgramInternational Training and Education Center for Health
Malaria ConsultantMinistry of Public Health and Population, Project Management Unit/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Head of Monitoring and EvaluationNational Malaria Control Program
Technical AdvisorPopulation Services International
Dominican Republic
 Dajabon ProvinceDirector and PhysicianHospital Matias Ramon Mella
DirectorRadio Marien
Provincial ManagerNational Center for the Control of Tropical Diseases
DirectorBorder Solidarity
 Monte Cristi ProvinceProvincial DirectorMinistry of Environment and Natural Resources
PhysicianPrimary Care Unit
Director and FounderMother Teresa Foundation
 Pedernales ProvinceHeadNational Center for the Control of Tropical Diseases
Director GeneralPublic Health Department
  1. All key informants were 18 years of age or older