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Table 2 Proportion of National Malaria Control Programmes (NMCPs) utilizing vector data in decision-making by region and control status

From: A global analysis of National Malaria Control Programme vector surveillance by elimination and control status in 2018

RegionMalaria statusProgrammatic decisions
Insecticide selectionResting location for IRSDurability for LLIN selectionLarval control choiceAdult control strategiesDefining receptivityIdentify sites for focus
Asia-PacificEliminating (n = 5)
Control (n = 9)
AfricaEliminating (n = 2)0.500.500.
Control (n = 14)0.360.
AmericasControl (n = 3)
GlobalEliminating (n = 7)
Control (n = 26)
Overall (n = 33)