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Table 2 Respondents knowledge of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets, Igabi LGA, Kaduna, 2015 (n = 629)

From: Factors associated with utilization of LLINs among women of child-bearing age in Igabi, Kaduna State, Nigeria

LLIN knowledge itemsFrequency (n = 629)Percentage (%)
Aware of LLIN
Duration of LLIN awareness (months)
 < 1330849.0
 > 24619.7
 Not aware233.6
What is LLIN
 Free net given by government28345.0
 Insecticide impregnated lasting > 3 years18629.6
 Net for sleeping13321.1
 Don’t know274.3
Uses of LLIN
 Sleeping under prevent malaria34955.5
 For sleeping only17027.0
 Prevent mosquito bite7612.1
 To build cage and fence farm111.7
 No response233.7
Differentiate LLIN from other nets
 Factory impregnated insecticide23236.9
 Don’t know37159.0
 No response223.5
LLIN replacement period (years)
 < 1375.9
 > 227944.4
 Don’t know253.9