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Table 1 Sequences of nucleotides in different genes of encoded odorant-binding protein 1 (OBP1) in Anopheles species used for designing the degenerate primers in this study

From: Molecular characteristics of odorant-binding protein 1 in Anopheles maculipennis

Anopheles speciesGene codeaSequence location
An. culicifaciesACUA014299KI424042: 15893–17790
An. dirusADIR008409KB672813: 2498551–2500404
An. epiroticusAEPI007538KB671606: 54036–56043
An. farautiAFAF003898KI915040: 6703195–6705104
An. funestusAFUN008615KB668715: 290624–291834
An. gambiaeAGAP0290622R: 35643035–35644609
An. melasAMEC013481KI920369: 35115–36111
An. merusAMEM011461KI915244: 175565–177040
An. quadriannulatusAQUA010363KB665843: 2529565–2530556
An. sinensisASIS018762KI916356: 352496–353910
An. stephensiASTE010148KB664334: 168200–170200
  1. aGene numbers submitted to the VectorBase (