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Table 1 Cost per DALY averted considering higher malaria testing and treatment rates

From: Economic considerations support C-reactive protein testing alongside malaria rapid diagnostic tests to guide antimicrobial therapy for patients with febrile illness in settings with low malaria endemicity

 Introduction of treatment for NMFIsBeforeAfterSources/estimation/comments
AMedian village population768McLean [17]
BMonthly malaria tests carried out15.034.9McLean [17]
C% testing positive for malaria9.2%6.0%McLean [17]
DMonthly incidence NMFI (regional average)38.4Capeding [42]
EMonthly incidence malaria3.92.4(D * C)/(1 − C)
FTotal incidence febrile illness42.340.8D + E
GProbability febrile patient attends CHW35%86%B/F
HTreated malaria cases1.42.1B * C
IUntreated malaria cases2.50.4E − F
JUntreated malaria cases averted 2.2∆I
KMortality rate in untreated malaria1%Lubell [36]
LMonthly malaria mortality averted per village 0.029J * K
MYears of life lost per death45Assumption
NDALYs averted 0.97L * M
OCost per CRP test$1CRP test costs are as low as $0.5; additional costs of transport, storage and training included here
PIncremental cost per month $ 350*B2
 ICER (cost per DALY averted) $ 36P/N