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Table 2 Facility characteristics

From: Producing routine malaria data: an exploration of the micro-practices and processes shaping routine malaria data quality in frontline health facilities in Kenya

ClassificationFacility AFacility BFacility CFacility D
Health centreHealth centreDispensaryDispensary
Monthly workload on selected indicatorsa
 Outpatient attendances19538821169571
 Outpatient confirmed malaria cases3931447518
 Antenatal care attendance328679170
 Laboratory tests per month1333674669
 Clinical (clinical officers, nurses, lab techs)9563
 Non-clinical staff (counsellors, peer educators)3552
 Support staff (data clerks, and drug dispensers)3233
  1. aData obtained from the DHIS2 and represent average monthly workload in 2015.