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Table 1 Impact of vector interventions on malaria transmission intensity

From: Impact of vector control interventions on malaria transmission intensity, outdoor vector biting rates and Anopheles mosquito species composition in Tororo, Uganda

IRR (95% CI)p-valueIRR (95% CI)p-value
Total human biting rateb19.62.30.12 (0.08–0.17)< 0.0010.07 (0.04–0.11)< 0.001
Indoor human biting rateb17.31.20.07 (0.05–0.10)< 0.0010.03 (0.02–0.05)< 0.001
Outdoor human biting rateb2.31.20.51 (0.35–0.75)0.0010.34 (0.22–0.53)0.001
Sporozoite rate33/1878 (1.8%)0/243 (0%)N/A< 0.001N/A< 0.001
aEIRc1290N/A< 0.001N/A< 0.001
  1. IRR incidence rate ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. aAdjusted for monthly rainfall with a 1 month lag time
  3. bNumber of female Anopheles collected per house per night
  4. cAnnual entomological inoculation rate