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Table 3 Vector control activities in the city of Mangaluru in the post-digitization years

From: Indigenously developed digital handheld Android-based Geographic Information System (GIS)-tagged tablets (TABs) in malaria elimination programme in Mangaluru city, Karnataka, India

Activities1st year post digitization (PDY1)2nd year post digitization (PDY2)
Number of houses visited1, 95,0091,76,398
Source reported11,33710,545
Closure of reported sources (%)89.298.1
Number of construction sites with larval breeding44094098
Anti larval action carried out at construction sites4036 (91.5%)3837 (93.6%)
Mosquitogenic houses (no)55275817
Anti-larval action—residential5455 (98.5%)5676 (97.2%)