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Table 4 Mean values of 50% inhibitory concentration of anti-malarial drug at day 0

From: In vivo/ex vivo efficacy of artemether–lumefantrine and artesunate–amodiaquine as first-line treatment for uncomplicated falciparum malaria in children: an open label randomized controlled trial in Burkina Faso

Anti-malarialIC50 Geometric mean (nmol/l) [IC 95%]RangeResistant isolates n (%)
Monodesethylamodiaquine19.30 (18.04–20.65)0.81595.9324 (6.37)
Dihydroartemisinina0.83 (0.76–0.89)0.1538.73
Lumefantrinea25.12 (22.40–28.16)0.77166.1
  1. aNo cut-off value for resistance defines