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Table 2 Uniprot accession number, amino acid sequence, sequence length, C-score, presence or absence in sporozoites, presence or absence in blood stages, PEXEL domain, IEDB immunogenicity score, and PlasmoDB (3D7) identification number of malaria proteoforms identified from > 1 biological replicate of primary human hepatocytes infected with NF54 sporozoites

From: Identification of Plasmodium falciparum proteoforms from liver stage models

Accession #Protein namePeptide sequencePeptide lengthC-scorePresent in sporozoitesPresent in blood stages (yes/no)PEXEL domainImmunogenicity scorePlasmoDB
W7K7Q9_PLAFOUncharacterized proteinYNKIIFQLRN10274.6507446YesNoNo0.21936PF3D7_0820800
W7K7I5_PLAFOTranslocon component PTEX150RIIILALLIVCTIINYYCA1924.10918248YesYesNo0.55272PF3D7_1436300