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Table 4 Docking analysis of bestatin as specific inhibitor with AgAPN-1 and AsAPN-1 as its receptors

From: Identification, molecular characterization and expression of aminopeptidase N-1 (APN-1) from Anopheles stephensi in SF9 cell line as a candidate molecule for developing a vaccine that interrupt malaria transmission

Anopheles speciesInvolved amino acids in interaction with bestatinDiagram of the 2D interactions in active site cavitiesAverage full fitness (Kcal/mol)Estimated ΔG (Kcal/mol)
An. gambiaeGlu 199
Glu 389
His 366
His 370
Glu 333
Tyr 452
− 3239.46− 8.37
An. stephensiGlu 205
Glu 394
His 371
His 375
Glu 338
Tyr 457
− 3239.40− 8.30