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Table 7 Prediction of interactions of the AsAPN-1 and AgAPN-1 epitopes with MHC-II using pyDockWEB

From: Identification, molecular characterization and expression of aminopeptidase N-1 (APN-1) from Anopheles stephensi in SF9 cell line as a candidate molecule for developing a vaccine that interrupt malaria transmission

An.speciesRankingMHC DR B binding residuesΔGMHC DQA binding residuesΔGMHC DQB binding residuesΔG
Stephensi1E579, D474, A478− 34.713T827, G834, Q293− 30.475R278, Y277, L276− 38.209
2G529, Q424, V428− 32.335Y77, T784, N244− 28.591L229, S228, V227− 36.053
3A629, R574, A528− 32.028L829, L884, T344− 28.579A328, I327, Q326− 35.164
4W679, R574, A528− 31.593W933, V934, E394− 27.632F378, W377, Q376− 34.910
Gambiae1E574, D469, A473− 43.215T821, I826, N288− 42.264R273, L272, Q271− 40.466
2G524, Q419, G423− 37.861Y771, A778, K238− 41.554I223, S222, V221− 33.475
3A623, K569, A523− 34.736L823, L878, T339− 39.920A323, I322, Q321− 31.378
4W673, K569, A523− 34.131W937, V928, E389− 39.837F373, W372, Q371− 28.125