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Table 4 One-way sensitivity analysis of the cost per person year of protection

From: Costs of insecticide-treated bed net distribution systems in sub-Saharan Africa

Distribution programmeBase case cost PYPCountry-specific use:access ratio2 year lifespan1.68 people per netFixed net price at 3.00 USD
Mali mass distribution (Segou) 20150.730.741.091.460.70
Mali mass distribution (Bamako) 20150.770.781.151.540.74
Mali continuous distribution: health facility-based (ANC + EPI) 20151.411.442.122.831.39
Ghana continuous distribution: health facility-based (ANC + EPI) 20151.332.052.002.661.22
Ghana Continuous Distribution: Health Facility-Based (ANC + EPI) 20161.432.202.152.861.40
Ghana continuous distribution: school-based 20160.721.111.081.440.77
Tanzania continuous distribution: school-based 20151.511.822.273.031.45
Tanzania continuous distribution: health facility-based (ANC + EPI) 20161.321.601.992.651.35
Zanzibar continuous distribution: community + health facility-based (ANC + EPI) 20161.651.992.483.301.64
Tanzania continuous distribution: school-based 20170.590.710.891.190.76