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Table 2 Pattern of pfcrt amino acid sequence diversity of at seven amino acid positions

From: Epidemiology of malaria and chloroquine resistance in Mizoram, northeastern India, a malaria-endemic region bordering Myanmar

Exon number22246911
Amino acid loci and substitution747576220271326371
Study sitesN (nR)M/I (%)N/E (%)K/T (%)A/S (%)Q/E (%)N/S (%)R/I (%)
A. Kolasib29M (62.1)N (62.1)K (62.1)A (86.2)Q (86.2)N (62.1)R (86.2)
(11)I (37.9)E (37.9)T (37.9)S (13.8)E (13.8)S (37.9)I (13.8)
B Mamit35M (40.0)N (40.0)K (40.0)A (62.9)Q (62.9)N (40.0)R (62.9)
(21)I (60.0)E (60.0)T (60.0)S (37.1)E (37.1)S (60.0)I (37.1)
C. Aizawl36M (75.0)N (75.0)K (75.0)A (100)Q (100)N (75.0)R (100)
(9)I (25.0)E (25.0)T (25.0)S (25.0)
E. Serchhip21M (47.6)N (47.6)K (47.6)A (100)Q (100)N (47.6)R (100)
(11)I (52.4)E (52.4)T (52.4)S (52.4)
F. Lunglei61M (21.3)N (21.3)K (21.3)A (52.5)Q (52.5)S (78.7)R (52.5)
(48)I (78.7)E (78.7)T (78.7)S (47.5)E (47.5)N (21.3)I (47.5)
G. Lawngtlai57M (21.1)N (21.1)K (21.1)A (47.4)Q (47.4)N (21.1)R (47.4)
(45)I (78.9)E (78.9)T (78.9)S (52.6)E (52.6)S (78.9)I (52.6)
H. Saiha26M (61.5)N (61.5)K (61.5)A (84.6)Q (84.6)N (61.5)R (84.6)
(10)I (38.5)E (38.5)T (38.5)S (15.4)E (15.4)S (38.5)I (15.4)
3D7 Reference sequenceMNKAQNR
 3. R2IETSaEaSIa
  1. n total number of samples, nR number of samples with R forms, WT wild type, R1 CQR type-1, R2 CQR type-2
  2. aDenotes additional substitutions; All calculations are in percentage