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Table 4 Metabolites uniquely detected in iRBC cultures and present at all the time points

From: Metabolic alterations in the erythrocyte during blood-stage development of the malaria parasite

MetaboliteFCIDC (SD)aPathwayMass (amu)d
Amino acid metabolism   
Putrescine4.87 (0.83)Polyamine89.1
N4-acetylspermidine2.15 (0.20)Polyamine188.2
Cofactor and vitamin metabolism   
Nicotinate ribonucleoside4.73 (0.67)Nicotinate and Nicotinamide256.1
Nicotinate adenine dinucleotide1.68 (0.16)Nicotinate and Nicotinamide663.1
Lipid metabolism   
1-stearoyl-GPG (18:0)4.69 (0.81)Lysophospholipid511.3
1-palmitoyl-GPG (16:0)b3.51 (0.50)Lysophospholipid483.3
Inositol 1-phosphate2.58 (0.23)Inositol259.0
1-oleoyl-GPI (18:1)b2.46 (0.27)Lysophospholipid597.3
Stearoyl-arachidonoyl-glycerol (18:0/20:4)b,c1.68 (0.11)Diacylglycerol662.6
Palmitoyl-linolenoyl-glycerol (16:0/18:3)b1.59 (0.20)Diacylglycerol608.5
1-arachidonoyl-GPI (20:4)b1.51 (0.12)Lysophospholipid619.3
1-oleoyl-GPS (18:1)1.49 (0.19)Lysophospholipid522.3
Nucleotide metabolism   
Thymidine3.35 (0.48)Pyrimidine241.1
2′-O-methylcytidine3.25 (0.47)Pyrimidine258.1
Guanosine2.45 (0.41)Purine284.1
Pseudouridine1.55 (0.18)Pyrimidine245.1
Uridine 5′-diphosphate1.42 (0.20)Pyrimidine403.0
5-methyluridine1.29 (0.19)Pyrimidine257.1
Histidylalanine1.11 (0.11)Dipeptide227.1
  1. amu atomic mass unit, GPG glycerophosphoglycerol, GPI glycerophosphoinositol, GPS glycerophosphoserine, SD standard deviation
  2. aFold-change (FCIDC) values based on average abundance of a metabolite during the IDC in iRBC relative to the uRBC cultures
  3. bMetabolite identified based on m/z ratio alone with no external standard for validation
  4. cm/z ratio appeared twice in the same platform, as it is a structural isomer of another compound in the METABOLON© spectral library
  5. dValues provided by METABOLON©