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Table 4 Malaria prevalence by nPCR from RDT-negative samples by region, 2015 EMIS

From: Assessment of subpatent Plasmodium infection in northwestern Ethiopia

RegionRDT negative samplesPCR-positive samples
P. falciparumP. vivaxP. malariaeP. ovaleTotal positive, % (n)
Benishangul- Gumuz6681222a02.1% (14)
Amhara94482001.1% (10)
Tigray92151000.7% (6)
Total25332552a01.2% (30)
  1. 73 samples that were RDT positive and 2 samples from Amhara and Tigray each not tested by RDT were excluded
  2. aMixed with P. falciparum