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Table 1 Samples in which deletion is detected in Pfhrp2 and Pfhrp3 genes

From: First evidence of the deletion in the pfhrp2 and pfhrp3 genes in Plasmodium falciparum from Equatorial Guinea

SamplesNo of samplesPfhrp2Pfhrp3N = 1724 (%)95% CIN = 763 (%)95% CI
P. falciparum (N = 122)81DD4.73.8–5.810.68.62–13
Mixed infection (Pf/Pv) (N = 1)1DD0.061e-04–0.330.12e-04–0.74
  1. It is observed that in 81 samples appear deletion in both genes; 15 have no deletion in either of them, 11 have deletion only in Pfhrp2, 15 only in Pfhrp3. Regardless of what happens in Pfhrp3 (whether there is or not deletion), there are 92 samples with deletion in Pfhrp2. In the mixed infection case, is detected deletion in both genes
  2. N = 1724 number of total samples, N = 763 total of P. falciparum samples by PCR
  3. D deletion/ND no deletion/NC not considered