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Table 1 Climate and environmental variables

From: Re-introduction of vivax malaria in a temperate area (Moscow region, Russia): a geographic investigation

VariableDescription and data source
Climate data
 Maximum temperature of the warmest monthGridded data, average for 1970–2000 with a spatial resolution 1 × 1 km [37, 38]
 Annual precipitation
Natural environmental data
 Altitude above sea levelDigital terrain model ASTER DEM with a spatial resolution of 30 m
 Vegetation densityThe maximum green vegetation fraction [39, 40]
 Landscape divisionRegional vectorized landscape map [41]
Man-made environmental data
 Building densityOpen street map data
 Density of roads
 Density of railways
 Distance to railway stations
 Density of cottage communitiesVectorized map of cottage communities’ locations [42]
 Distance to cottage communities