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Table 2 The duration of the effective infectivity season in various localities of Moscow region and the surrounding areas (days)

From: Re-introduction of vivax malaria in a temperate area (Moscow region, Russia): a geographic investigation

MeteostationDistance from Moscow centre, km, and the direction199920002001200220032004
Rural stations
 Dmitrov66 N505137422025
 Alexandrov99 NE445236371618
 Volokolamsk109 NW464836421537
 Mozhaysk103 W425440591737
 New Jerusalem51 NW444938401541
 Cherusti152 E545438352043
 Naro-Fominsk68 SW425038421638
 Serpukhov94 S425743611744
 Kolomna103 SE615744612347
 Klin85 NW505336371322
 Pavlovsky Posad65 E585939601945
 Petushki117 E585941502447
 Maloyaroslavets110 SW435439421539
 Kashira107 s5556424420a
 Nemchinovka16 W605842642445
 Sheremetyevo30 NW444938401623
 Vnukovo30 SW555139442041
 Small Sareevo27 W565239411737
Urban stations (City of Moscow)
 Balchug (city center)0737051783057
 VDNHk (urban park)9 N625941622141
 MSU (urban park)7 SW636142742448
 Tushino18 NW595539612041
  1. aNo data available