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Table 5 Extracted main topic and themes from in-depth interviews in relation to HSPs readiness and challenges for malaria elimination in a clear area of Iran

From: Malaria situation in a clear area of Iran: an approach for the better understanding of the health service providers’ readiness and challenges for malaria elimination in clear areas

Topics of in-depth interviewsThe main themes
Part 1) Health service providers readinessInappropriate malaria case management
Low holistic and role-playing studies about system readiness and health service providers performance in clear areas
Quality of malaria identification and diagnosis
Need to health worker re-training, system mobilization and support
Part 2) Challenges of clear areas in elimination phaseDecreasing of health system sensitivity due to absent of malaria cases
Possibility of malaria re-introduction and neighbor countries with endemic situation
Exiting febrile suspected cases from system surveillance chain