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Table 1 Follow-up status of recruited households and campaign cohort nets after final survey

From: Monitoring the physical and insecticidal durability of the long-lasting insecticidal net DawaPlus® 2.0 in three States in Nigeria

N = 148N = 144N = 147
 Still has any campaign nets84.5%73.6%63.5%
 Lost all their campaign nets9.4%16.6%18.9%
 Moved away5.4%5.6%15.5%
 Nobody home at survey0.7%4.2%1.4%
 N = 357N = 367N = 372
Campaign cohort nets
 Known outcome91.6%88.0%74.7%
 Unknown outcome8.4%12.0%25.3%
  Household moved away or refused5.0%4.4%15.1%
  Net used elsewhere0.6%0.0%6.2%
  Fate of net unknown2.8%7.6%4.0%
  1. aAt 24 months of follow-up