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Table 1 Effectiveness of re-active case detection in Cambodia

From: Tools to accelerate falciparum malaria elimination in Cambodia: a meeting report

LocationYearOrganizationIndex casesScreenedPositive RDTPositive PCR
Pailin2013MC27018989 (0.5%)17 (0.9%)
Sampov Loun2015–2018URC639194615 (0.8%)Not done
Preah Vihear2016–2018MSF602262 (0.9%)8 (3.5%)
Oddar Meancheya2017–2018LSHTM/HSD192157426 (1.6%)66 (4.2%)
  1. MC Malaria Consortium, URC University Research Company, MSF Médecins Sans Frontières, LSHTM/HSD London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/Health & Social Development
  2. aPACES trial–Pro-active case detection and community participation for the elimination of malaria study [68]