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Table 1 Study population sampled from Angoche and Nacaroa in Nampula Province

From: “We have this, with my husband, we live in harmony”: exploring the gendered decision-making matrix for malaria prevention and treatment in Nampula Province, Mozambique

Study populationMethodNampula ProvinceTotals
Angoche (intervention)Nacaroa (comparison)
Men (20–49 years)FGD336 (48 people)
Women (18–44 years)FGD336 (48 people)
Community leaders (male)IDI112
Traditional healers (male)IDI112
Traditional birth attendants (female)IDI112
Mother-in-law (45–60 years)IDI112
Matrons (female)IDI112
Total FGDs 6 (48 people)6 (48 people)12 (96 people)
Total IDIs 5510
 Total106 people