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Table 1 Ethogram of the behavioural events distinguishable during feeding on human bait through insecticide-treated netting

From: Quantifying late-stage host-seeking behaviour of Anopheles gambiae at the insecticidal net interface using a baited-box bioassay

  1. The table shows the start and endpoint of each event, and how they were grouped for each ‘Activity’. Note that although events are presented in a sequence typifying an uninterrupted blood meal, individual mosquitoes could exit at any point and return to an earlier behaviour to resume the sequence or terminate. 5*: events 4 and 5 were combined in Study 2. The colours in the horizontal bar correspond with those in Figs. 2 and 3: grey sections with no border show activity prior to first net contact; coloured sections with black borders represent behaviours involving net contact. The labels are also shown as subtitles marking the event boundaries in the accompanying video