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Table 4 Field experiments to assess the efficacy of sandals treated with 0.05 g of transfluthrin against different species of wild mosquitoes using the Mosquito electrocuting trap (MET)

From: Evaluation of personal protection afforded by repellent-treated sandals against mosquito bites in south-eastern Tanzania

Mosquito speciesIncidence rate ratio IRR (95% C.I.)p-valuez-scoreMean number of mosquitoes (standard deviation)
An. gambiae s.l.0.50 (0.32–0.79)0.003− 2.983 (4.73)5.63 (8.08)
Culex spp.0.59 (0.46–0.76)< 0.0001− 4.162.56 (3.04)4.11 (3.71)