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Table 5 Summary of steroids

From: The potential of anti-malarial compounds derived from African medicinal plants: a review of pharmacological evaluations from 2013 to 2019

Compound subclass Isolated metabolites Plasmodial strain (activities) Plant species (Family), Taxon IDb Part of the plant studied Place of harvest (City, Country) Author, references
Ergostane phytosterols 109a, 110a, and 111 3D7 (IC50 values range from 11.2 to 22.0 µM) Antrocaryon klaineanum (Anacardiaceae), NCBI:txid289695 Stem bark Mount Kala, Cameroon Douanla et al. [94]
W2 ( IC50 values range from 11.2 to 22.0 µM)
112 W2mef (IC50 value = 53.45 µM) Peperomia vulcanica (Piperaceae), NCBI:txid1719589 Whole plant Mount Cameroon, Cameroon Ngemenya et al. [79]
113 W2 (IC50 value = 153.79 µM) Polyalthia longifolium var. pendula (Annonaceae), NCBI:txid235806 Stem Tikrom, near Kumasi, Ghana Gbedema et al. [68]
113 W2 (IC50 value = 172.9 µM) Turraea robusta (Meliaceae), NCBI:txid1899148 Stem bark Nairobi, Kenya Irungu et al. [95]
D6 (IC50 value = 68.3 µM)
Phytosterol glucosides 114 to 116 D6 and W2 (from weak to moderate activities) Turraea nilotica (Meliaceae), NCBI:txid992803 Stem bark Nairobi, Kenya Irungu et al. [95]
  1. aCompounds identified for the first time in the cited publications
  2. bIdentification number of the source species, derived from the NCBI Taxonomy database