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Table 2 Percentage of mortality of Anopheles stephensi in different insecticide in Kebri Dehar town

From: Insecticide resistance in Anopheles stephensi in Somali Region, eastern Ethiopia

Insecticides discriminating concentration (%)ClassificationNo. of An. stephensi testedMortality rate after 24 h (%)Resistance? (< 98%)
Bendiocarb 0.1%Carbamates10023Yes
Propoxure 0.1%Carbamates10021Yes
Deltamethrin 0.05%Pyrethroid10067Yes
Permethrin 0.75%Pyrethroid10053Yes
Malathion 5%Organophosphates10032Yes
DDT 4%Organochlorine10032Yes
Pirimiphos-methyl 0.25%Organophosphates10014Yes