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Table 2 Non-lung histopathological findings of P. falciparum malaria patients

From: M1 macrophage features in severe Plasmodium falciparum malaria patients with pulmonary oedema

Non-lung histopathological findingsNon-PEPEp-values
Brain(n = 10)(n = 12) 
 PRBC sequestration790.798
 Petechial/ring haemorrhages890.785
Heart(n = 10)(n = 9) 
 PRBC sequestration760.879
Liver(n = 12)(n = 11) 
 Kupffer cell proliferation12111.000
 Haemozoin deposit10100.598
 PRBC sequestration9100.325
Kidney(n = 10)(n = 9) 
 Mesangial proliferations550.814
 Protein deposition in Bowman’s space130.225
 PRBC sequestration780.326
 Haemozoin deposit880.606
 Acute tubular necrosis150.038*
  1. *Significant difference of p < 0.05