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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of household members

From: Patterns of human exposure to malaria vectors in Zanzibar and implications for malaria elimination efforts

Household members331 (47%)368 (53%)699
< 1 year61016 (2%)
1–4 years365389 (13%)
5–9 years494998 (14%)
10–17 years6765132 (19%)
18–59 YEARS156168324 (46%)
≥ 60 years172340 (6%)
  1. aData presented in this table were collected during the first round of data collection in December 2016. A total of 682 of the original 699 household members were observed in the second round of data collection in April–May 2017. Three households did not participate in the rainy season collection; two households were not available, and one household refused