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Table 2 Treatment outcomes by treatment arm as defined by the WHO at day 28 and 42

From: Parasite clearance, cure rate, post-treatment prophylaxis and safety of standard 3-day versus an extended 6-day treatment of artemether–lumefantrine and a single low-dose primaquine for uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Bagamoyo district, Tanzania: a randomized controlled trial

Endpoint (treatment outcome)Control armIntervention arm
Early treatment failure, n (%)00
Late clinical failure before D7, n (%)00
Late clinical failure, on or after D7 n/N (%)14/121 (11.6)6/121 (5.0)
 Due to recrudescence10
 Due to reinfection113
 Undetermined or missing PCR data n/N23
Late parasitological failure, n/N (%)7/121 (5.8)8/121 (6.6)
 Due to recrudescence22
 Due to reinfection25
 Undetermined or missing PCR data31
Adequate clinical and parasitological response by D28, n/N (%)115/121 (95.0)118/121 (97.5)
Adequate clinical and parasitological response by D42, n/N (%)100/103 (97.1)107/109 (98.2)
No treatment outcome
 Lost to follow-up total, n/N (%)17/141 (12.1)17/139 (12.2)
 Withdrew consent or protocol violation n/N (%)3/141 (1.4)1/139 (0.7)